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Normative Page and Cookies - Policy Law



According to Law n. 62 of 07/03/2001, states that:
The site does not constitute news organization, has not, however, recurrent
and it is updated according to the availability and the availability of materials.
Therefore it can not be considered in any way an editorial product under
Law no. 62, 07/03/2001.

The information applies only for this site and its possible
subdomains, but not to other Web sites accessed
by the user through links.

Holder and owner of the domain, website and web space,
and responsible for the content and management:
for the domain / website www.arredopiu.eu
is Mr. Piovan Franco,
Company: Arredopiù Piovan Franco
Via Collegio Armeno, 52
36025 Noventa Vicentina (VI) - Italy
Telephone and Fax (+39) 0444.760632
VAT 02665910283
Email: arredopiu@alice.it

Web site: http://www.arredopiu.eu

Author Site:
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Privacy Legislative Decree no. 196/2003
Personal data Name and Fiscal collected directly and / or through third parties
Dall 'nominee / owner of the domain and website (see above)
data controller, are processed in printed and
information technology in full compliance with provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for reasons
contractual and legal, as well as to enable effective management of relationships
E 'right of the Customer to obtain control, update,
modification, deletion of data or object to their treatment according to
the provisions of Art. 7-8-9-10 of the Decree, by querying
references cited above.

This Cookies Policy describes the methods of management of this site, in
reference to the use of cookies and the processing of personal data
users / visitors who consult it.
Was the disclosure, in accordance with Articles 13 and 122 of the Code
processing of personal data (Legislative Decree protection. 196/03, the SO-CALLED Privacy Code)
and the general measure of the Authority of 8 May 2014 regarding
cookies, to those who are connected to this website.
The information applies only to the websites mentioned above and its possible
subdomains, but not to other Web sites accessed
by the user through links.
This site is owned and operated dell'intestatario / Representative
website (as described above)
that guarantees the observance of legislation on data protection
We encourage users / visitors to carefully read this Privacy
Policy before sending any personal information and / or filling
in any electronic form posted on this website.

Types of personal data and purpose of treatment

1. Surfing data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate
this website acquire, during normal operation, some personal data
They are transmitted implicitly in the use of communication protocols
This information is not collected to be associated with
identified, but which by their nature could, by and
processing with data held by third parties, permit the identification of
users / visitors (eg. IP address, domain names of the computers used
by users who connect to the site, the code indicating the response status
data from the server, browser type, etc.).
This data is only used for statistical purposes (therefore
anonymous) and to check the proper functioning of the Site. Data on
web contacts are not stored, however, more than six months, barring any
checking computer crimes against the site.
No data from the web service will be communicated or disseminated.

2. Cookies

2.1 General Information on Cookies
Cookies are small text files that websites visited by users
send to their terminals (usually the browser), where they are stored for
then be transmitted back to the same sites at each subsequent visit by the
the same terminal. In addition, each site may allow the transmission of C.D.
cookie "third parties", ie those generated by Internet sites other than the one
that the user is visiting (through objects present in it such as banners,
images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages in other domains).
According to their durability, they stand in session cookies (ie those
temporary and automatically deleted from the terminal at the end of the session
navigation, closing the browser) and persistent cookies (ie those
They remain stored on the terminal until their expiry or cancellation
user's part.)

Cookies have different purposes. They are primarily used for the
Transmission of communication or to provide the requested service
user; more precisely, allow to enable and optimize the
operation of the site internet, perform computer authentication and
prevent abuses, monitor the sessions, improving the browsing experience
users, such as maintaining the active connection to restricted areas
while browsing through the pages of the site without the need
re-enter the User-Id and password and storing pertinent information regarding
users themselves (including preferences, the type of browser and computer
These cookies are said to "" (technicians for their use is not necessary to the
consent of the user), as without them some of the above operations
They may not be made or would be more complex and / or less secure.

Otherwise, if cookies are used for additional purposes, typically
for analysis of the behavior and sending promotional and advertising messages
Custom (SO-CALLED "Profiling" cookie) or even just to get to the
through services rendered by third parties, aggregate information on
number of users and how they visit the site (SO-CALLED "analytics cookies"),
you need your consent. In fact, before sending these cookies
on the terminal, in accordance with current legislation (Data Protection Code and provision
General Supervisor of 8 May 2014), to the moment you enter the home
page or any other page on the site, it is immediately shown in the foreground a banner
with a first summary report on the use of cookies and the collection of
consent, which the user can pay continuing navigating through
selection of an underlying element to the banner or closing the banner itself.

In any case, cookies can only be read or modified by website
that generated them; They can not be used to retrieve any data from
the user's terminal and can not transmit computer viruses. Some of the
cookie functions can also be performed by other technologies; therefore,
in the context of this website privacy policy, the term "cookie" you want
refer to cookies and to all similar technologies.

2.2 Use of Cookies on this Site

This Site may use session cookies and persistent cookies. types
cookies directly generated by this site are:
cookie "technical", used to: a) the execution of purchases
services / products online (eg. for any of the "shopping expenditure management"
storing the selected products) and related payments; b)
authentication and management of a browsing session (for example, for
Identify and validate the user for access to the Reserved Area); c) purposes
Safety (eg. to take account of the number of login failures by identifying
possible abuses in authentication and preventing fraud); d) the customization
user interface (eg. to record the preferences expressed by the user
such as language, currency, the page display size, the area of
connection); d) a better usability of the site and its contents audio-
visual (eg. by running flash type player programs); and the
correct operation of the connection (eg. by directing among multiple servers
appropriately user requests

2.3 Cookie "third-party"  
This site also allows the transmission to the user terminal of cookies
Third parties, with whom the Nominee / Owner of the domain and website
(See above) it works, and is limited, as a technical intermediary, for
send those cookies, but does not manage the operation (does not therefore
control and access to information / acquired) as their
operation is the responsibility of third parties. For these cookies,
You can access to the information and the acquisition modules of consent
of third parties, by clicking on the links below. Third parties are:

whose services the Nominee / Owner of the domain and website
(See above) uses to collect aggregate information / statistics on
Users who visit this site.
2.4 Management choices about cookies
Cookies can be dealt with by using their web browser.
A) Browser settings
How you manage your preferences for cookies through
features found in common browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,
Google Crome, Apple Safari, etc.), which allow you to delete / remove
cookies (all or some) or to change the browser settings so
block the sending of cookies, or limit it to specific sites (compared to others).
E 'can learn about the ways in which to configure the setting of
browser (normally accessible from the "Tools" bar) going on the web pages
"Support" of the above browser vendors (also identified by a
Common search engine).

Disabling cookies does not by itself preclude the use of the services of
Website; But if all cookies, including are deleted / blocked
technical, some operations may not be completed or would be more
complex and / or less secure, such as for example, for the execution of activities
within Confidential Site Areas (cookies fact allow
make and keep the user identification in the context of
3. Data provided voluntarily by users / visitors
When users / visitors connecting to this website, and then send
their personal data to access certain services or to make
requests through e-mail, this entails the acquisition by
dell'intestatario / owner of the domain and website (see above) address
addresses and / or any other personal data that will be processed
only to respond to the request, or for the provision of

The personal information provided by users / visitors will be communicated to third parties
only in the case where the communication is necessary to comply with the
requests of users / visitors themselves.

methods of treatment

The treatment is done through IT tools
and / or manually (eg. on paper) for the time
necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected and
however, in accordance with current regulations.

Optional supply of data

Apart from that specified for navigation data, users / visitors are
free to provide their personal data. Their absence can
involve only the impossibility to fulfill the request.
Owner, Managers, any persons in charge

The Data Controller and Data Processor
for the domain / website www.arredopiu.eu
is Mr. Piovan Franco,
Company: Arredopiù Piovan Franco
Via Collegio Armeno, 52
36025 Noventa Vicentina (VI) - Italy
Telephone and Fax (+39) 0444.760632
VAT 02665910283
Email: arredopiu@alice.it

Web site: http://www.arredopiu.eu

Company within the data of users / visitors will be treated
the Head of the treatment mentioned above, which operates as
Representative and Processing Manager.
Rights of interested parties
The users / visitors have a right of access at all times to the data
affect them and to exercise other rights (ask for the origin of the data,
correction, updating or integration of inaccurate or incomplete data,
or the cancellation or blocking of data handled in violation of the law,
or oppose their use for legitimate reasons) provided for in Article 7
of the Privacy Code, by contacting the references cited above.

              by Overdrives